Making Adjustments with Impulse iQ® Technology

Making Adjustments with Impulse iQ® Technology

Using the latest technology is essential for medical professionals who want to treat patients using the most effective methods possible. At Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic, we use Impulse iQ® Adjusting technology to ensure that patients experience relief from symptoms. This technology also allows professionals to make precise adjustments during treatment.

The Impulse iQ® instrument is a handheld device that uses pressure to manage the misalignment of joints and restore your range of motion and comfort. It has been approved by the FDA and was researched for several years before becoming available for use by
physicians, ensuring its safety and effectiveness.

Advanced Chiropractic Technology

With Impulse iQ®, a doctor can make precision adjustments that are effective in several different parts of the body. The instrument uses ultra-high-tech technology, such as micro-computer circuitry, to give physicians information on the body and how to manage physical ailments. It measures the spine and determines the correct amount of care required for improvement.

Clinically Proven to Improve Adjustments

Impulse Adjusting technology is designed to be applicable in many circumstances, aiding patients on their journey to better health, range of motion, and increased comfort. Some of the benefits of working with an impulse chiropractor near you include:

  • Results are faster
  • Treatment is more effective
  • It’s safe for patients with degenerative joint diseases
  • Adjustments are extremely accurate
  • The computer controls pressure, ensuring that it is constant

Chiropractic Adjustments with Impulse Adjusting

Patients are often surprised at the ease of making adjustments with Impulse. A chiropractor can make definitive improvements to the body using the computer-aided device. The tip is placed on the area that needs adjustment, and the device is triggered. Patients often feel a light tapping sensation as the joints in the body are adjusted. The device applied varying levels of force until the maximum movement of the joint is achieved.

When using Impulse, a chiropractic expert near you can determine the exact cause of your body’s responses, tailoring treatment to be more beneficial to the body. To get more information about chiropractic Impulse Adjusting, give us a call or visit our Impulse chiropractor in San Angelo.

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