Chiropractic Care with Impulse IQ

Chiropractic Care with Impulse IQ

What Is Impulse IQ?

It is an ingenious system that chiropractors use for restoring the body’s balance and function. The technology is used to make precise and accurate skeletal alignment adjustments in a patient’s body, to alleviate any pain and discomfort. The treatment is preferred because of its ability to carry out a medical procedure in as painless a technique as possible.

How Does Impulse IQ work?

This modern technology uses laser beams to treat patients. Technically, the lasers first confirm the proper skeletal alignment of your body, before any treatment commences. This Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument® has introduced a significant change in chiropractic care. It relies on computer-aided chiropractic adjustments to offer a realignment of the body and alleviate the pain. It is the best way to offer custom-tailored treatment to different patients that present different body needs.

Impulse IQ in San Angelo, TX features high-tech computerized adjustments to allow for precise measurements of the alignment of your spine. The different movements are monitored easily with Impulse IQ technology in San Angelo, TX. This ensures that the adjustment of the spine for skeletal alignment holds just the right amount of pressure so that optimal care is accorded to the spine.

Besides that, the Impulse IQ treatment in San Angelo works in controlled pressure or force settings. The force is controlled depending on the medical needs of the patients. This way, the treatment is comfortable for patients of all ages.

Pain Causing Conditions Treated by Impulse IQ

Many pain-causing conditions in the body can be treated using the Impulse IQ technology. The core goal of this technology in chiropractic care is to eliminate pain from the patient, by ensuring a smooth and painless procedure. Some of the conditions treated with this modern technology include the following:

  • Degenerative disc disease – this disease causes damage to the spinal column structures. The damage results in improper alignment of your spine, causing a lot of pain in your lumbar region. This disease can paralyze many of your day-to-day activities. Impulse IQ technology uses controlled force to realign the spinal column correctly and reduce the pain, all without causing additional pain.
  • Migraines – are a big deal, especially when they are persistent. Migraines can occur because of different reasons, including complications of the temporomandibular joint. Ideally, the compressed nerves and tense muscles of your head region can worsen migraines. This includes stress and tension of the facial muscles, neck and even shoulders. This new technology works by releasing the trapped nerves in the bony structures. This eases the migraine pains faster than any other treatment option.
  • TMD – it is otherwise known as a temporomandibular joint disorder. It results from excessive teeth grinding, clenching of the facial muscles, or even traumatic injuries. When this happens, nerves are entrapped at the jaw and neck of the patient. To restore jaw mobility, the Impulse IQ works by releasing the tension and stress of the structural muscles. This then releases the entrapped nerves and eases the pain of the joint.
  • Whiplash – it is a traumatic injury on the neck area that makes it virtually impossible to move the neck freely. The muscles in the neck area and the surrounding parts tighten and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Such a condition can happen following a car accident or a blunt force impact on your neck region. Impulse IQ near you will be used to relieve the tense muscles of the strain and stress. The technology is also useful in aligning the neck back to its proper position.

Benefits of Impulse IQ Adjustment Technique

Modern technology in the medical sector can take a little adjusting to before everyone warms up to the innovative techniques. In chiropractic care, the introduction of the Impulse IQ adjustment technique has bettered the practice and improved the quality of treatment offered to patients. Some of the benefits of the technology include the following:

  • High speed – Impulse IQ Adjustment Technique is extremely fast, compared to other chiropractic techniques. It is considered 100x faster than manual chiropractic adjustments.
  • Effectiveness – because of the high-tech computerized adjustments, this adjustment technique is more effective with better results than other adjustment methods.
  • Painless – this technology works precisely on the target area to ensure that no further pain in incurred in the surrounding regions. Besides, the speed is extremely fast, which means your treatment will be over before you even realize it started.
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